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A biotechnology consultancy firm working within the research sector. From our home in Cambridge (UK), we work with some of the world's most innvoative and ambitious companies to help them increase their profits and to gain market share. 

We work alongside small and medium enterprises who provide life science reagents to the research community. We provide them with a range of services including (but not limited to) competitive analysis, B2B introductions, business development advice, market reports, marketing insights and lead generation. All our services are tailored to the individual needs of each client, although they tend to share the same goals of generating higher revenues, increasing profits, gaining market share and increasing customer retention rate. 

We are one of only a handful of companies in the world who provide consultancy only to research reagent manufacturers and distributors (i.e. manufacturers or distributors of antibodies, peptides, immunoassays and other tools for molecular biology). Just focusing on this one competitive and rapidly changing global market allows us to continuously study trends and examine market changes enabling us to stay just one step ahead for the benefit of our clients.
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Our Partners

Competitive analysis

We can provide detailed competitive analysis reports on your competitors. We can determine and / or predict their market share, their top selling products, their unique product offerings, their distribution networks and the countries and institutions that buy their products the most. We are also able to create custom reports depending on your requirments.

Business Development Advice

We can audit the current state of your company and work closely with you to help grow your market share, product offerings and distribution network. We can identify key products to consider as additions to your catalogue and can mediate B2B connections to help grow both your product catalogue and distribution network.

Market Reports

We provide a yearly report on the state of the life science reagent market. This report focuses on the research antibody industry and provides a summary of the top cited antibodies, proteins and gene targets by geographical distribution on a global, continential and country basis while reviewing the trends and changes observed within this market over the last year and providing predictions for the future.

Marketing Insights

We can work with your company to help with your digital and direct marketing campaigns. We can audit your current practices, analyse your competitors digital presence, review your current sales and marketing goals, help generate and provide specific leads for very targeted marketing campaigns.

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